SLEEP 2 GO is a new concept in sleep studies and medical equipment.  Traditional facility-based sleep studies in the Amarillo area currently run $2,000.00 to $2,600.00.  The average cost at most Amarillo durable medical equipment companies for a CPAP with heated humidifier and related supplies is in the $2,000.00 range.  The cost for oxygen equipment starts at $1,800.00 (as a cash price) and goes up from there.  When the insurance deductible exceeds that amount or has not been met, the individual must bear the entire cost of the testing as well as the cost of any equipment (such as CPAP or oxygen).  It is only because we are a cash & carry company that we can offer testing and equipment at affordable prices for both the individual and the transportation carrier.

Our sleep lab offers both attended and unattended Type III sleep studies, together with equipment.  We give one-day service, with the sleep study being performed, scored and evaluated by trained technicians.  Those patients who test positive for obstructive sleep apnea will be dispensed auto-titrating CPAPs with heated humidifiers and all supplies necessary for the use of that equipment at the time they leave the testing facility.  Average off-duty time for most patients is 10 hours.  Our economical alternative to a traditional study, with a minimum of down-time, is what you and your company need to comply with mandatory testing.

Transportation companies realize they are facing huge financial risks should they put sleep-deprived drivers on the road.  Plaintiffs’ lawyers are looking to them for compensation of their clients when an accident occurs.  It is the company that has the deep pocket, not the driver.  Testing lessens the financial liability the company may face in the event of a major accident.

Our lab uses only Respironics equipment, not only for testing but also for the equipment that is dispensed to our patients.  Respironics is the industry leader in research, development, technology and customer support.  For example, an individual who has a CPAP that malfunctions in New York City has only to call us toll-free before 2:00 CST, and a new unit will be delivered to them by FedEx the next day. The unit comes with a return label in the box.  Easy, convenient, time and cost-efficient.

Each CPAP comes with a SanDisk for compliance downloads, which meets current DOT requirements.  Companies who wish to undertake compliance monitoring may do so by obtaining Encore Anywhere software from Respironics.  The HR or safety director can then download the SD cards whenever necessary.  Monthly subscription for this software is approximately $200.00 with unlimited downloads.

Transportation companies may decide to underwrite the cost of the study and equipment for their employees.  Please ask us about contracting with us.  We offer reduced pricing for a commitment of 10 or more drivers.

All compliance downloads within the first 90 days following initial set-up are free.  We also offer annual compliance downloads for $25.00.  Simply mail in the SanDisk.  We will download it, print the report and mail both back to you along with a receipt.  The report can then be presented at the time of the DOT physical.  Please let us know if this service will be necessary.

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