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Small But ProfessionalOur Staff

Our Sleep 2 Go Staff

Our small but highly professional staff has many years of experience in the fields of Sleep Testing and CPAP equipment and accessories.

Raylene Pruitt, CRT RCP
Owner/Clinical Director

Raylene has been a Respiratory Therapist since graduating from Amarillo College in 1993. The first few years were spent in respiratory rehab in skilled nursing facilities, with specialized training in the rehab aspect and integration with the other rehab modalities (PT, OT and Speech). In 1998, Raylene went to work for an Amarillo durable medical equipment company as a staff therapist and began in-depth training in apnea monitoring, sleep therapy, equipment involved and the need for diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Raylene has set-up and instructed more than 2000 patients in that time period. She has gained the respect and trust of not only her patients, but also that of doctors and fellow therapists who specialize in sleep disorders. One thing that is apparent about Raylene when you meet her – she is dedicated to her profession. She grew up on a farm at Panhandle, Texas, and started driving a tractor at age 8. She has a strong work ethic and understands what's involved in earning a dollar, especially in these trying economic times. She believes that healthcare – whether it's diagnostics or treatment – should NOT be inaccessible due to the financial status of a patient. Everyone should be able to afford and access these services regardless of the limitations of their pocketbook. That's why she started Sleep 2 Go - so that those who do not have insurance, or those who have insurance with a deductible so high it cannot be met, can still be diagnosed and treated for this deadly condition.

Deanah Alexander, RN, CNS-BC, MSN

Deanah is an Amarillo native. She received her BSN at WTSU and MSN at UT-Arlington. She has been a clinical nurse since 1975 and taught nursing for 30 years. She has furthered her education and is Board certified as an Advanced Practice Nurse/Clinical Nurse Specialist and an Advanced Practice RN. She is certified as a Clinical Nurse Specialist, an Advanced Practice Nurse with prescriptive authority and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is also a member of several professional organizations. Deanah offers telemedicine to assess your overall sleep healthwill; if you need a sleep study, she is also licensed to sign the order for the study and any equipment you may need. Her fee of $25.00 for telemedicine is separate from Sleep 2 Go's pricing. We are proud to announce Deanah's association with Sleep 2 Go and hope that this additional service will make it easier than ever for you to get the testing you need.